About the Center for Landscape Conservation Planning


The Center for Landscape Conservation Planning was established in 2010 to provide an official forum within the the University of Florida's College of Design, Construction and Planning for conducting applied research on the relationship between conservation and land use. The Center is affiliated with the Department of Landscape Architecture, forming a bridge between the disciplines of design, planning, and wildlife conservation.


The Center's Director is Dr. Thomas Hoctor. Center staff include Michael Volk, Project Coordinator and Landscape Planner, as well as graduate students employed to assist with research work. Former staff include Mary Oakley, Research Associate and Watershed Planner. Prior to working with the Center, Mary served as the Director of Research and Assistant Director of the Century Commission for a Sustainable Florida (2006-2008), which launched as the Commission's flagship project the statewide Critical Lands & Waters Identification Project (CLIP) and partnered with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission in the Cooperative Conservation Blueprint (CCB) initiative.


Mission Statement


The Center for Landscape Conservation Planning conducts applied research on the relationship between conservation and land use while providing learning opportunities for students. Results of the Center’s research are used to influence public policy through education and direct involvement in the application of relevant science, technology, and planning principles and methods to conservation analysis, planning, and management. A primary goal is research and education regarding the importance of protecting green infrastructure. Green infrastructure promotes the critical concept that ecosystem function, biodiversity, and the health of human communities are inextricably linked. The activities of the Center include four primary programmatic areas: research and planning related to protection of regional ecological networks; landscape and biodiversity conservation research and planning; green infrastructure research and planning; and education for students, designers, and planners in principles of landscape ecology, conservation biology, and conservation planning including relevant GIS applications and tools. Within these areas, the Center is also focused on planning for and addressing the impacts of climate and land use changes on green infrastructure and conservation priorities.


Recent News and Articles


The Center for Landscape Conservation Planning is actively involved in current conservation efforts throughout Florida. The following articles and links are related to on-going and recent conservation work.


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