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Heroic spirit more than ten years have passed, and he has truly grown into one of the strongest in the world if he can win this competition today, he will undoubtedly become the.

Defeat him and take a spoil that has no direct effect on the country it should be fine marshal, what do you think he didn t even look sexual chat online at the ninth level soul engineers, but turned his.

Legged, and began to meditate tang wutong stood silently .

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pill u31 sex Male Enhancement Pills, (Roman Ed Pills) what to do before sex Quick Flow Male Enhancement Reviews. behind him protect the law for him on the side of the sun moon empire, juzi also brought her members of the fire phoenix soul.

His soul power level was raised by one level, reaching the level of super pill u31 sex douluo the bottleneck that had restricted him for many years finally broke through so, that is to say, in this.

Maybe it s okay, but after a long time, no one can say how many people he can kill of course, it is not that there is no way to deal with it, but it is really not an easy task to deal.

Although they were powerful, they still felt somewhat fearful and apprehensive in their hearts when facing the master of the evil soul master sect but sure enough, zhong liwu had.

Away didn t you tell shrek city to hand me over now I m here who will receive me this chapter is 4o words, thank you for your support wow haha, these two days are so fun, I finally.

Know this, right yes, on the frontal battlefield, we are not your opponents I was even expelled from shrek academy because of you now I am alone as the saying goes, barefoot people are.

Brings back such Penis Enlargement Pump pill u31 sex news, the result can be imagined, this is not just a matter of fuse it is likely to cause a war between the military and the holy spirit church on dajun s side, juzi was.

We decided to accept his challenge then, 10k infinriy sex pill there are two questions before us first, who are the hentai sex pills embaliming ten people we sent second, after we win, who will own the two bets that huo yuhao made.

A while, the sun moon empire camp was clearly within the sight range of wayfair furniture sex trafficking huo yuhao and tang wutong huo yuhao narrowed his eyes slightly, but his expression was still stern in this.

Then, he believes, he is invincible unfortunately, the strength of the beast god far exceeded his prediction this line of business has caused a lot of losses to the holy spirit cult even.

Completely Conservation pill u31 sex focused on the ice bear king erbai even as the leader of the evil soul master sect, he couldn t see how huo yuhao transformed such a powerful soul beast into an undead creature.

S face was gloomy as if water was about to drip that s an evil soul master who has already broken through to the level of super douluo just like that, huo yuhao was easily killed wu yun s.

Hundreds of thousands of troops watching, if the sun moon empire refused to gamble, it would mean that they ignored the safety of ordinary soldiers the morale of the army is bound to be.

Store first pill u31 sex this wednesday, it will officially open pure herbal sex pills in the world there will be a large number of signed books to meet everyone s needs specifically, we will let you know on wednesday I love you all to.

Death is wronged he didn t show his own strength at all when he was still trying to test the other party, huo yuhao had already killed him this is the unfamiliarity with huo yuhao.

Detection soul tools huo yuhao s mind will be released as soon as it is released, and this effect is what he wants all along, it was the sun moon empire s army that brought them pressure.

Yuhao in the distance, his eyes sparkled, and he didn t know what he was planning, but the aura on his body became stronger and stronger huo yuhao silently felt the changes in the outside.

Perhaps, this was also used by huo yuhao when a smart person competes with a smart person, he must think more carefully if huo yuhao has calculated the return time of these two beast.

The difference between him and ditian is that what ditian masters is the power of space, while he relies on the power of his own martial soul to achieve the ability to assimilate with the.

Of peripheral products, tangmen cards, are finally ready our online .

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(Best Sex Pills) pill u31 sex Walgreens Male Enhancement, what to do before sex. store is about to open interested book lovers can search directly on tao, bao, and stores xuanshi tangmen, bookmark our.

I really want to catch him or that he intends to use our relationship to make things difficult for me no, this is not his style of doing pill u31 sex things for a moment, tangerine was a little.

Dark attributes, the dark cloud that was the instigator I just feel that the soul power I output seems to have encountered a very strange force the soul power was not affected, but his.

Fire phoenix soul engineer group are based on fire tangerine was suspended in it, and she was wearing a gorgeous .

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  • 1.How To Slow Down Erection
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what to do before sex Real Penis Enlargement (Pill Male Enhancement) pill u31 sex Conservation. golden red human shaped soul guide, which had unprotected sex on last day of pill perfectly protected her body.

And linked soul guide devices in the sun moon empire, it is still unknown who will .

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pill u31 sex Penis Enlargement Procedure, Male Enhancement Supplements what to do before sex Penis Enlargement Medicine. win the battle head on the atmosphere on both sides has been somewhat tense the battle is imminent the.

Beast god ditian is not that easy to kill, which is also in juzi s interest it s what she wants to see most however, last time zhongliwu and the others used the souls of tens of thousands.

Rushed towards the body of the dark cloud this time, huo yuhao did not stop him super douluo s soul is already extremely stable, even if he hit him twice with soul shock it also failed to.

The two beastmaster level soul engineer groups were completely wiped out, she would still be the victor as it turned out, huo yuhao and the others were still too late the chaos of the.

Worship hall of the holy spirit church he was not a pure evil soul master at first, but because his martial soul was of the dark attribute, he was always misunderstood and even chased and.

Asked in surprise huo yuhao clenched his fists subconsciously, if you want to deal with the sun moon empire s conspiracy, you have to send out surprise soldiers and I it s surprise.

Heart sank his pill u31 sex Rhino Male Enhancement first reaction was that something happened, what .

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what to do before sex Does Penis Enlargement Work Gold Xl Male Enhancement Pills pill u31 sex Conservation. about sanshi and the others, they won t be, .

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Penis Enlarge Pillswhat to do before sex Real Penis Enlargement (Pill Male Enhancement) pill u31 sex Conservation.
Penis Enlargment Pills(Male Enhancement Pills Over The Counter) what to do before sex, pill u31 sex Penis Enlargement Near Me Best Male Enhancement Pills Sold In Stores.
Male Enhancement Pills Over The CounterPenis Girth Enlargement pill u31 sex Conservation what to do before sex Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost In India.
Penis Enlargements PillsPenis Girth Enlargement pill u31 sex Conservation what to do before sex Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost In India.
Male Enhancement PillsPenis Girth Enlargement pill u31 sex Conservation what to do before sex Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost In India.
Best Pills For Edwhat to do before sex Real Penis Enlargement (Pill Male Enhancement) pill u31 sex Conservation.

(Sexual Enhancement Pills) pill u31 sex Conservation what to do before sex Penis Enlargement Pill. beibei lost his voice peerless tangmen Penis Enlargement Medicine New York pill u31 sex comics are released on the platform.

Manpower it was pill u31 sex under such circumstances that the tang sect had been operating at a high load junior brother when the tired beibei saw huo yuhao and tang wutong with gloomy faces, her.

Group was second only to the emperor dragon soul instructor group among the four great beastmaster soul instructor groups since juzi took over, it has received strong support from xu.

Were even disappearing and the black light and shadow that was blown out quickly wanted to melt back into the body but huo yuhao how can I give him another chance in a flash of light and.

Tidal wave, not towards the sun moon empire camp, but towards the air pill u31 sex the terrifying spiritual detection covered a vast area in the sky, one after who is manufacturer of monster x male sex pills another, high altitude detection soul.

Will think pill u31 sex of other ways hearing what the sentence said, these soul engineers also fell silent tangerine is a wait and see attitude, somewhat conservative, but relatively speaking, it.

Confrontation is a life and death struggle you all believe that you still cherish your own life if so, then, this confrontation, I will be the main force of the confrontation we can.

And the right hand is a little forward a strange vortex suddenly appeared above the dark cloud s soul, and the soul that was flying towards the body suddenly froze in the air with a soft.

Cult is also in mingdu Penis Enlargement Pump pill u31 sex once pill u31 sex this happens, the holy spirit cult will take action in the capital she doesn t care about xu tianran s life or death, but she cares about her son moreover, the.

Outside the tent, and several evil soul masters around him also left with him watching his leaving back, elder su and all the ninth level soul engineers quickly gathered around juzi what to do before sex Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work elder.

Controls its actions, but his incomparably powerful mental power when making the ice extreme war god armor it was precisely because of huo yuhao s own powerful ability in mental power.

Still there, and the darkening allowed him to instantly weaken all physical attacks and soul power attacks by 70 for five seconds during this period, he cannot attack himself what wu yun.

Opened the linkage defense shield and strode towards huo yuhao, who was 45 kilometers away among them, it is surrounded by the powerhouses of the sun moon empire on the shrek city side.

Everyone clearly felt as if their spiritual power had been touched, and even the dark cloud that enveloped huo yuhao suddenly surged along with it violent tremors erupted in love sex freedom and the paradox of the pill summary the cloud of.

Be able to be killed for twelve hours and huo yuhao didn t seem to use soul skills before, but he killed wu yun with just a light palm even if wu yun didn t have a .

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pill u31 sex Penis Enlargement Procedure, Male Enhancement Supplements what to do before sex Penis Enlargement Medicine. soul to control his.

Personal force however, the soul engineers who were responsible for locking huo yuhao didn t have this thought in pill u31 sex Rhino Male Enhancement their minds for too long before they changed because, huo yuhao.

That the enemy will not come to attack, it is impossible to give up the defense of shrek city the elites of dou ling and xingluo pill u31 sex are also in shrek city if this continues, once the sun.

Not afraid to wear shoes I don t even have a place to eat now can t you let me vent the object of venting is naturally you guys who stole my job orange almost rolled his eyes, when did he.

Great help in the future and super douluo s survivability is much stronger than title douluo s originally zhongliwu thought that this would be a tug of war even if huo yuhao was able to.

Military order if I can t lead my people from the holy spirit sect to defeat huo yuhao, I will be punished by military law soon, under the watchful eyes and supervision of everyone.

First half of next month, the apple jailbreak will be launched, and in the second half of the month, the genuine apple will also be launched to be continued sexual enhancement pills approved by fda after possessing the second.

Going to do to throw themselves into the trap faint light flickered, and huo yuhao s face showed a glimmer of icy divine light flying in midair, his own mental power surged out like a.

Twitched, and he also sighed, it s funny sexual memes been a long pill u31 sex time since I ve had a drink yuhao was so angry that I drank a few cups yesterday, but today I m still a little dizzy no, I can t fly anymore.

Hugged him, whispered something in his ear, then turned around and walked in the direction of xuan lao and the others, but he didn t really retreat to xuan lao and the others, but stopped.

Will think of something unfortunately, he hasn t come back yet all of this was within huo yuhao s calculations the zombie ice bear king erbai, the sighing morning dew knife of the ice and.

And yang complementary soul power, has no bones left, and the spirit is annihilated so strong tangerine s heart trembled slightly no wonder, no wonder he was able to bring tang wutong and.

At this moment, he raised his hand and pointed at huo yuhao, wanting to say something, but he seemed unable to say anything then, behind the dark clouds, a strange vortex appeared this.

Cultivation was indeed an important part however, he did not push himself into a desperate situation to pill u31 sex break through, but to allow himself to comprehend and comprehend the abilities he.

Definitely not as simple as compressing the soul power it directly raised the potential to a higher level elder xuan thought to himself, if one day, huo yuhao can really successfully.

You tell shrek city to hand me over now I m here, ybdu, who will take me in huo yuhao s voice was very flat, but it spread far away, covering hundreds of miles, covering the entire camp.

Is not so easy to train a titled douluo, an evil soul master, and wu yun has just broken through to become a super douluo, so as long as his cultivation level stabilizes, he will be of.

In the star dou forest by the number one powerhouse in the mainland the strength of the star herbal sexual enhancement pills side effects dou great forest is much more terrifying than they best pills for sex stamina in india imagined supervisor juzi looked pill u31 sex at.

The one who brought him great pressure last time and made his potential explode was the beast god emperor this evil soul master is also capable of darkness, but compared with di tian, the.

Instantly at the level pill u31 sex of titled douluo, fighting each other is no longer as simple as fighting with soul skills factors such as momentum, soul skills, self created soul skills.

Towards huo yuhao s direction this is a man in black whose whole body is covered in a can i have sex on transgender hrt pills cloak, and his appearance cannot be seen clearly at all when he flies wats the age limit for sex pills out, it is like a cloud of.

Zhongli wu made a series of arrangements, and wu yun was his first means what juzi could guess, in fact, zhongliwu could also guess since huo yuhao dared to stand up and say that he.

Enemy for me, and watch your husband and I kill everyone I haven t married you yet, tang wutong said angrily huo yuhao said by the way, my dear, when will our dad come I can t wait any.

Zhongliwu personally issued a military order even if it is the status of his national teacher and military supervisor, once the military order is issued, it cannot be changed this is the.

Yuhao would say such a twist of course she didn t believe that huo yuhao would attack ordinary people how to make sleeping pills for sex however, he has already taken a big disrespect for saying these words is this all.

Helping her however, it s not the right time to help, not to mention, huo yuhao also killed xu tianyuan xu tianyuan is the most powerful prince once he dies, the power of the royal clan.

Sky and the earth when the black cloud encountered sex pills new zealand the sword light, it disappeared like ice and snow melting, turning into countless black smoke and dust, and scattered in all directions.

Moment what do you want orange s voice was still cold, but compared to before, it lacked a bit of strength huo yuhao said indifferently I don t want to do anything anyway, I am alone, so.

Whole process actually lasted only a few breaths of time the first evil soul master to fight on behalf of the sun moon empire, super douluo level, the owner of the dark crow martial soul.

Needs is the buffer time of these five seconds with these five .

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Penis Girth Enlargement pill u31 sex Conservation what to do before sex Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost In India. seconds, he believes that he can get rid of the influence of huo yuhao s previous soul shock however, huo yuhao didn t.

By his aura, his level has not yet reached the super douluo level yes, huo yuhao has not reached the super douluo level, but he has twin martial souls and has a second hybrid his spirit.

Tens of thousands of dead soldiers to attack the beast god ditian and zhongliwu personally led the team to hunt down ditian zhongliwu and the others have already returned when they went.

Excited, their mental power will be drained sexual power medicine for men instantly control the ice extreme god of war armor, completely through ideas in the darkness, huo yuhao could no longer see even his mental.

Of everyone s self inflicted danger of course he wouldn t target those ordinary soldiers, and these generals, as well as soul engineers, were undoubtedly his targets one morning after pill sex afterwards or two days.

So it is naturally not a problem to avoid it you are the empress god of war of the sun moon empire huo yuhao s cold voice spread far away however, when he said the last word, his tone.

Way sex enhancing pills for wemon out the only way to do it is to buy a spiritual defense soul tool the holy spirit sect has been operating for so many years, and it has wealth that is incomparable to a country the.

Soul engineer groups she probably knows how many evil soul masters the holy spirit teaches regarding this point, the sun moon empire has done a detailed investigation juzi couldn t be.

Snow that they created a killing situation and put them in a desperate situation ice ability stealth ability with these two abilities appearing at the same time, if juzi still can t doubt.

Ordinary people even facing the pill u31 sex Rhino Male Enhancement sun moon empire, what does this mean, he will become a killing god become the enemy of the entire continent, become an executioner even an evil soul master.

Of everyone if you tell me this kind of thing in private, maybe I will agree, you pill u31 sex know, I what to do before sex Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work would rather be your concubine than be the queen in the middle of my dream at midnight tangerine.

Like this moreover, from his mood when talking with me today, he is very calm and sure , he must have something to rely on since the supervising army is willing to take this matter, let.

With such a person for a moment, the atmosphere of the entire sun moon empire army became a little bad orange s complexion also turned ashen, and he said coldly when did people from shrek.

Himself was the first human to possess this second soul core, so no one could teach him how to use the second soul core and how powerful it was all of this has to be pill u31 sex pill u31 sex explored by himself.

And dou ling empire would not protect him because, this is taboo an absolute taboo, a taboo in the world of .

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Penis Enlargement Oil what to do before sex, pill u31 sex Best Male Enhancement Pill Male Enhancement Pills At Walmart. soul masters it is also a taboo in the soul engineer world it is an unspoken.

Smiled and said nothing more, but silently glanced at juzi, took tang wutong s hand, turned around and flew towards the plain behind, pill u31 sex and the phantom he had created in the air disappeared.

Church has money, but no matter how rich it is, things like rare metals are also strategic materials at the beginning, the xishui league, which huo yuhao had joined, was specialized in.

Also hours sex com introduce you step by step in the future some of them will be limited edition commemorative cards hope you like it to be continued when he hunted down the beast god ditian that day.

Thousand people, slowly approaching the midfield if it was a one on one situation, even if the sun moon empire doubled the number of people, it would be impossible to win the shrek.

Her ear what do you want, but will they agree huo yuhao smiled lightly, and said, I will let them agree this plan has more than just one goal tang wutong said worriedly but, you huo yuhao.

Direction of the sun moon empire army, what are they going to do hurry, hurry up and report to the academy let s say that commander huo yuhao and miss tang wutong are heading towards the.

Xuan and the experts from shrek academy the two sides faced each other thousands of kilometers away and the range within a kilometer is the battlefield for the next battle that will.

If there is enough time of course, huo yuhao can explore slowly and steadily gradually find your own broad road but, does he have enough time now therefore, he wants to use this strong.

Black mist during the rapid flight, the breath of the whole person is also crazily strengthened, and the dark power full of evil breath bursts out like a blowout during the flight of only.

Safety of the sun moon empire s army those evil soul masters wish to have more dead people, and more souls to assist them in their cultivation therefore, there must be something that can.

Even more against her interests after she took advantage of shrek academy s own responsibility many times, huo yuhao also took advantage of her once juzi had to admit that he shouldn t.

Many as eleven ninth level soul Penis Enlargement Medicine New York pill u31 sex engineers, all of whom are top powerhouses in the sun moon bleeding during sex missed pill empire more than half of the ninth level soul engineers in the entire sun moon empire are here.

World, and his whole body was still in meditation, indifferent to everything in the outside world huo yuhao, ten battles, let s start zhongliwu s deep voice was like rolling thunder, and.

Douluo may not be absolutely sure, let alone the following detection soul guides with the current level of soul guide technology, at least it can how to make your boyfriend last longer during sex t reach it huo yuhao and tang wutong.

Considered it at all moreover, I believe that his purpose is definitely more than this, and he must have already planned it if how long can u wait to take after sex pills he can really complete this time, one vs ten, then, i.

Was taken aback even in the distance, the senior officials of shrek academy who had already flown into the air were equally astonished they finally understood why huo yuhao resigned as a.

Super douluo, under his two soul attacks successively, was killed without any resistance at all what strength is this and people with discerning eyes will also notice one thing, that is.

The gates are also wide open although huo yuhao s words had already sealed off his way out, but elder xuan had his reasons, the sun moon empire s soul engineer group was on the ground, so.

Steadily however, even standing beside him, tang wutong couldn t feel the slightest how to improve sexual endurance fluctuation of soul power from him this .

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(Best Sex Pills) pill u31 sex Walgreens Male Enhancement, what to do before sex. is the frightening thing about the dual soul cores with their.

Naturally had the ability to lower the requirements for use this is what the ice extreme god of war armor does not have certainly such a humanoid soul guide also depends on who it is with.

S heart was trembling slightly, her breath was very uneven the strong members of the fire phoenix soul engineer group around her thought she was in extreme anger, and no one dared to say.

And the royal family, even if xu tianran is here in person, he must be very careful let alone her as for the evil soul master, that represents the hims sex pill does it work holy spirit sect with two limit douluo.

Soul core is already so difficult for a soul master, and the third soul core is naturally even more difficult yuhao, yuhao, are you really going to push yourself into a desperate.

With .

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(Sexual Enhancement Pills) pill u31 sex Conservation what to do before sex Penis Enlargement Pill. some strange eyes, and said, boy, if you lose, we won t kill you either I want you to join my holy spirit cult I will save your life to others, what huo yuhao said just now is a.

Guides appeared within huo yuhao s perception range because shrek academy has many powerful people, the sun moon empire did not dare to fly the high altitude detection soul tool too close.

Selling rare metals, which were reserved by the holy spirit black mamba sex pills side effects church, but the current price was really astonishing but can he disagree compared with rare metals, titled douluo level evil.

Immediately increased the strength of the soul guide shield to the highest level however, when that blade glow fell on the shield, the fiery red light on the entire pill u31 sex linkage defense shield.

Stimulate his own potential more strongly, accelerate his improvement, and become a super douluo level powerhouse as soon as possible as for whether he can succeed, he has never.

Gaze back to juzi juzi looked at zhongliwu, and sighed secretly in his heart, yuhao, yuhao, you are really good at calculating, everything is in your calculation, I am afraid that you.

Shadow, huo yuhao had already disappeared out of thin air when he .

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Is Marlissa A After Sex Pill ?(Male Enhancement Pills Over The Counter) what to do before sex, pill u31 sex Penis Enlargement Near Me Best Male Enhancement Pills Sold In Stores.
Does Nutratech Vialus Male Enhancement Contain Yohimbe ?(Sexual Enhancement Pills) pill u31 sex Conservation what to do before sex Penis Enlargement Pill.
How Quick To Get An Erection After Orgasm ?pill u31 sex Male Enhancement Pills, (Roman Ed Pills) what to do before sex Quick Flow Male Enhancement Reviews.
When Do Men Get An Erection ?what to do before sex Does Penis Enlargement Work Gold Xl Male Enhancement Pills pill u31 sex Conservation.

Penis Girth Enlargement pill u31 sex Conservation what to do before sex Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost In India. reappeared in the next instant, his body happened to be between the dark cloud and his soul the left arm is backhanded.

What huo yuhao was going to do beforehand, but now, no one can stop huo yuhao from continuing this matter tang ya held beibei s hand tightly, and Penis Enlargement Medicine New York pill u31 sex asked in a low voice beibei, yuhao, can.

Powerhouses of the sun moon empire so that they could implement the next plan it s a pity that the current tang wutong is just a jealous woman why don Penis Enlargement Pump pill u31 sex t the empress agree if you still say.

Matches, then, you withdraw and within three years, you are not allowed to use troops against my shrek academy if you agree, the bet will begin if you disagree, then you are ready to pay.

Completed besides, we can t fuse spirits right now, but performing the fusion technique consumes too much energy how can i increase my sex stamina and is not suitable for prolonged battles don t worry, you watched the.

Suppress the dark clouds by virtue of the ultimate ice, it would take a certain amount of effort to defeat the dark clouds but he never expected that after just a few collisions, the dark.

So young, and he is not a limit douluo not even super douluo in this case, he proposed one on ten, so that his side had no reason to refuse female sex enhancement pills in pakistan this guy once they retreat from shrek s side.

A lonely person juzi looked at huo yuhao, her eyes were dark and difficult to understand, and her mood at this time was extremely complicated she never expected that the kind hearted huo.

Power, which has already reached level ninety three, is far from comparable to that of ordinary level ninety three huo .

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(Sexual Enhancement Pills) pill u31 sex Conservation what to do before sex Penis Enlargement Pill. yuhao had already worn the ice god armor this human shaped soul tool.

Believe, his cultivation base will definitely be able to go further and be promoted to a brand new level level even, it is not impossible to directly attack super douluo yes, only elder.

Four yuan for the specific crafts and collection methods of the cards, you can check them out on our xuanshi tangmen online shop, which is very interesting we use imported cards I will.

S various detection soul guides, and he would be bombarded and killed before he even got close to the army but, .

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what to do before sex Does Penis Enlargement Work Gold Xl Male Enhancement Pills pill u31 sex Conservation. this guy is different although I don t know what method he used, he was.

Naturally heard huo yuhao s voice, and, in front of her, several messengers had long lasting sex pills for teenagers already reported to her what had just happened outside orange is also in a depressed mood now, and there is.

Personally kill her otherwise, she would not have come back alive in that magical demiplane not long ago a faint light flickered in the air, and the faces of all the soul engineers of the.

The sun moon empire, huo yuhao had an how do you last longer during sex excellent reputation in pill u31 sex Rhino Male Enhancement addition to his own strength, he destroyed the sun moon empire s high altitude detection soul guide is definitely the largest.

He really do it beibei nodded vigorously, he can definitely do it since he has done this, he can definitely do it we have to trust him yuhao has such strength he has only one purpose in.

Vigilant even though she had the upper hand several times before, but because of her understanding of huo yuhao, she knew better what kind of formidable opponent this guy would be if he.

He was injured, and he barely recovered after coming back to rest this was because ditian was injured before, and they were shocked early, otherwise, they would probably be left forever.

Soul engineering academy at that time, he did the same, with his own strength facing a strong man from the academy, he never flinched this is him, a soft heart but a strong man with a.

Had really handed over the battle to zhongliwu who was the supervisor of the army zhongli wu snorted coldly, and with a wave of his hand, a black figure shot out from beside him, flying.

Masters appeared and attacked them as a result, the two soul engineer groups suffered heavy losses even xu tianyuan, the pill u31 sex leader of the emperor dragon soul instructor group, has fallen.