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Whole big tree changed from emerald green to pink in an instant, the sanskrit sound rang out in the sky, and wherever one looked, there were clusters .

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does priamax male enhancement works Male Enhancement Pills At Walgreens, Male Enhancement Gnc natrogix male enhancement Penis Enlargement Before And After. of pink flower shadows, and the space.

From its body at the same time but the worm s face immediately showed a ferocious expression, and after a low growl, the gray light does priamax male enhancement works of its body flowed indefinitely, and the pores on the.

The first to arrive here a simple looking old man wearing a gold ring replied solemnly is this the spirit of the ancient seal han li s eyes flashed and fell .

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does priamax male enhancement works Male Enhancement Pills At Walgreens, Male Enhancement Gnc natrogix male enhancement Penis Enlargement Before And After. on the does priamax male enhancement works Penis Enlargement Surgery Before After face of the huge fog in.

A tremor, it burst open the wudao silver electric wire went down layer by layer, filling up the entire giant pit even though the giant blue worm was considered tyrannical, it could only.

Disappeared into the top of the hall in a flash, and disappeared without a trace at this time, the entire underground palace world began to shake, and at the Conservation does priamax male enhancement works same time, in a certain.

Whether it is the seal that suppressed the mother of the locust, or the part of the power that trapped yuanmao dao and them, all of them have lost does priamax male enhancement works Penis Enlargement Surgery Before After nearly half of it now not only the.

Trance, a cool air rushed out of the dantian in his body, and after a quick turn to the head, he immediately woke up shalei but food and drinks while using ed pills when he saw the gray white arc in the sky, his expression.

Indeed be max performance male enhancement done with the supernatural power of the mother of locusts this also explains why this place is still affected by the power of the seal the simple old man let out a long breath.

Apparently at this time, the mahayana of the other world had realized that he was the weakest of the four, so he couldn t help but feel a little uneasy since these four guys have been.

Help but said in surprise hmph, no matter how great the chance is, what s the use of it it s not just the prey of these vicious insects however, to be able to directly leave such a deep.

Not everyone can be so calm and laughing that s what you said then I won t be polite, and you have to enjoy the delicacy of your nascent soul the girl stretched out a pink tongue and.

Two more, and the rest can leave safely what do you think your excellency has taken me too lightly do you really think that such an obvious provocation can be effective against us if you.

Nascent soul who had been cultivated for many years by the red faced man the girl immediately opened her mouth, and a black line flashed out, hitting the big man s flesh with a sound of.

Could control this xuantian treasure to such does priamax male enhancement works an extent I really admire you baohua glanced at han li and said with a strange expression that thing was called the line of law just now, and.

Curiously very good, with this myriad beast card, my confidence will be increased baohua naturally said happily at this time, the black robed woman and the red faced old man also.

Born blind, but there is a black and shiny crystal inlaid in the middle of her eyebrows at first glance, it seems to be very similar to the crystal left after the disappearance of the.

Old man above has seen it just now, and there is nothing unusual the quaint old man was startled when he heard the words, looked up at the gray sky and said the black robed woman and the.

Of locusts, how could she personally deal with some underground palace guards xie lian denied it without thinking so in this underground palace, apart from the human faced insect just.

And found that it had no effect on themselves, so they were relieved at this time, countless gray runes appeared around baohua s body, and when they rolled down quickly, bao guo was.

I just told you now you and I will join hands to hold the other party, and let the rest of the taoist friends go underwater to completely destroy its body as long as the body is gone, the.

Another at the moment when the gray and white arcs reached their bodies, turning into countless golden runes and intertwining with those gray and does priamax male enhancement works white arcs, and it was impossible to.

As the words fell, the water surface below suddenly parted, and a phantom appeared blurry one after another with a natrogix male enhancement Penis Enlargement Before And After loud bang , baohua s tender body was shaken, and was sent flying by an.

Sky, and a blurry one appeared directly in the sky this light array is as black as ink, and it is completely composed of countless black runes of different sizes, but at a glance, in the.

Law of the xuantian spiritual realm, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out a little bit from an incomplete does priamax male enhancement works ancient book but there are still many places in it that can t be perfected.

Trembled slightly, and there was a trace of law power scattered from it xuantian Conservation does priamax male enhancement works zhibao, this long sword of yours is indeed a xuantian s thing, no wonder you were able to escape a blow.

Going too far away the black robed woman said with a gun obviously she has already tried to use the power of divine sense everyone, look up and look up, han li suddenly said calmly the.

Wrapped around the edge of the bowl, but best ed pills for diabetics the other ends lead to the tops of the eight bronze pillars, directly submerging into those ancient lamps an incomprehensible incantation sounded.

Cloudy expression on her face han li looked calm on the surface, but he was also shocked .

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Over Counter Male Enhancement Pillsnatrogix male enhancement Sex Pills For Men Sildenafil does priamax male enhancement works Conservation.

natrogix male enhancement Male Enhancement Pills Reviews (What Is The Strongest Male Enhancement Pill) does priamax male enhancement works Conservation. in his heart he waved at taoist xie, causing him to teleport to him in a flash, and then his mind.

With one hand in an instant, after a burst of mist, the fog turned left and right, and a passage appeared directly with a movement of baohua s figure, she floated in without any.

Air although the giant claws were raging ferociously over there, its owner was hidden in the billowing gray clouds at high altitude, without revealing his figure at all it used a fleshy.

Towards his body without any hesitation a thunderbolt the kangaroo female enhancement two giant blades turned into two thick silver arcs at the mouth of the bowl, and they merged into one in a flash, turning into a.

The silver arc curled and condensed for a while, and it transformed into two silver giant blades, and then his body suddenly swelled into a giant of more than ten feet the giant blue worm.

After a little bit of blue light condensed .

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(Roman Ed Pills) does priamax male enhancement works Conservation natrogix male enhancement Penis Enlargement Oil. again, a figure faintly reappeared han li hadn t really left the vicinity at all just now, but just used a mere trick to hide the two insects.

Depressed but some people don t believe the other party s words at all, they decide to stay far away from the other party, and they believe in the power of the feng ling pan this person.

Storage bracelet, and together with han li, began to repair the giant magic circle in the hall during the entire repair process, han li and the two were extremely careful, as if they were.

Chest as if piercing through the void the phantom disaster froze, and the girl s figure appeared with a smile again but in the next moment, the girl s smiling face changed, and a green.

Hand, circling and dancing around its body, and its ugly face actually looked like a crazy frenzy for a while, .

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Fastflow Male Enhancement natrogix male enhancement, does priamax male enhancement works Penis Enlargement Surgery Before After Penis Enlargement Before After. the two couldn t tell the difference between high and low at this moment, .

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(Roman Ed Pills) does priamax male enhancement works Conservation natrogix male enhancement Penis Enlargement Oil. a.

Them first as for the shock, it is the performance of the ancient does priamax male enhancement works seal that is about to collapse it can t last anymore, and the whole underground does priamax male enhancement works palace is probably about to collapse.

Claw to fight against the huge pillar transformed by xuantian zhibao, but it had a slight advantage does priamax male enhancement works as soon as han li saw the giant claw, the broken pieces of weapons that he saw in the.

From me and not die you are quite capable but the nascent soul I want to eat most now is not you it s this person s tsk tsk, the power of divine sense is so strong, the nascent soul must.

Rank and swallowed the nascent soul directly this is far stronger than what ah originally expected no, this ferocious insect has just woken up, how could it recover such powerful.

Around the girl s shattered flesh after each blood flower turned around, the petals wrapped a piece of minced meat one by one, and turned into a ball of pink light and burst open when all.

High place the ball of light burst open at once, and countless runes gushed out of it, and circled and danced around it all at once, flickering wildly, extremely gorgeous macho male enhancement at the center of.

Treasure of the fairy family to fall into the hands of fellow taoists when the black robed woman saw this item, her face showed surprise hehe, the old man had some chance back then, so he.

Raised her arms slightly as if she wanted to do something, but it was too late after the girl giggled again, her arms moved quickly, and she swallowed the big man s yuanying into her.

Movement of you coming in and out may wake it up immediately the two friends from the dark night realm thought about this, so they didn t dare traction method male enhancement to enter this space directly does priamax male enhancement works after all, they.

Shattering loud bang immediately after countless golden runes scattered high in the sky, a golden thunder pillar as thick as a water tank flashed down, hitting a steel woody male enhancement reviews human faced worm.

When the giant nails came into contact with the five cyan giant blades, a dazzling blue and yellow glow erupted, and there was a stalemate for a while on the other side, those gray and.

Immediately turned into a flood dragon, and rushed straight at one of the human faced worms seeing this, the human faced worm was not afraid at all, and after opening its mouth, it also.

A blast in the void with the flickering of the emerald sword, the void in front of han li suddenly collapsed, and the vitality of the surrounding world was funneled into one point, and a.

A way to save his life first cough, I can t do it without using that thing now there was a long sound of reluctance from the man s voice, as if the most cherished thing was about to be.

Li shemale has bigger dick than you seeing this, han li squinted his eyes, but let out a low shout, and tapped the whirlpool in front of him with one hand immediately, the vortex suddenly expanded and contracted, ed pills near me turning.

Than the size of a head at first, but after slowly ascending to high altitude, it silently increased to the size of a house it looks astonishingly powerful daoist xie held the thunderball.

Moment later, two startling rainbows, one blue and one silver, shot in from the outside, and with a flash, they appeared in the other two corners of the hall, also sitting cross legged on.

Stone let out a sigh of relief, tapped the giant seal with one hand, and retracted it vaguely into his sleeve but at this moment, the green aura around him was unknowingly weaker, and at.

Supernatural powers in one go didn t the sealed spirit use all its power to suppress the worm s strength if the mother of locusts suppressed by the sealing power still has the strength to.

Fellow taoists to have time to rescue those trapped fellow daoists baohua said with a wry smile what, we re just going to deal with the mother of the locust, fellow daoist baohua, aren t.

Really think bonanza male enhancement pills black storm that han can t deal with it han li s furious voice sounded from more than a dozen phantoms at the same time along with the same thundering sound, more than a dozen golden.

Distinguish the top and bottom for a while however, after only one phantom froze, han li s main body appeared directly, and he shouted loudly, his whole body was covered with a purple.

Tongue in surprise, and the same glaring white light flickered between her fingers, leaving a much shallower imprint on the fragment, and then she shook her head and asked as for green.

Replied with a calm smile I don t know what to say could it be that this xuantian sword was conceived in the body of a fellow taoist from the beginning otherwise, if the xuantian treasure.

Same huge sword light turned into Conservation does priamax male enhancement works a giant mountain sword shadow, and slashed towards the giant claw seeing does priamax male enhancement works this, baohua was refreshed, and after the same clear cry came out, the sky cap.

Soon as their figures floated as a result, as soon as everyone flew into the palace gate, the expressions of xie lian and green stone changed slightly behind the gate of the temple, there.

Human faced worm flickered, and appeared near han li like a ghost without hesitation, it shook a few sharp forelimbs, and immediately turned into a black shadow, and stabbed down at han.

With one hand, and stood quietly on the spot without any further movement does priamax male enhancement works seeing this, han li made a tactic with one hand, a golden light flashed behind him, and a golden figure with.

Remaining mother of the locust, the primordial spirit, is nothing to be afraid of baohua replied with a wry smile hmph, this requires other fellow daoists to be willing to cooperate don t.

Immediately smiled and wanted to raise his head to answer something, but the green stone patriarch over there suddenly shouted loudly without the intervention of the three fellow daoists.

After han li and the golden body merged into one in an instant, his skin turned into a golden color at the same time, countless silver spirit patterns emerged at this time, han licai.

Staring at the girl turned quickly things seem to be going badly the locust s eye does priamax male enhancement works was so powerful that it injured baohua as soon as it struck, and easily killed a mahayana extra male enhancement of the same.

Time it is used, its primordial spirit will be instantly weakened as long as we protect ourselves with the mysterious object, we don t need to be intimidated by the other party how did.

Hard work for those who can xie lian agreed with a giggle naturally, patriarch green stone would not object, he swung does priamax male enhancement works the short blade in his hand slightly, and a wave of green energy.

Light flashed inside han li unleashed the nirvana holy physique at once, and it reached its limit in an instant the current him, the aura on his body is more than ten times stronger than.

Taoist xie and patriarch green stone outside, then walked to a corner of the hall and sat down cross legged han li naturally had no objection, and sat cross legged on the same spot a.

Formation s eye hall earlier appeared in his male enhancement flow 3xl mind involuntarily except for the huge difference in size, everything else is exactly the same it seems that most of those things are the.

And baohua s body blurred, and she was about to disappear in the void but .

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Penis Enlargement Bible Pdf does priamax male enhancement works Before And After Penis Enlargement Surgery, natrogix male enhancement. at this moment, a cold and tender voice suddenly came from below since you re here, don t rush to leave as soon.

They heard .

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does priamax male enhancement works Male Enhancement Pills At Walgreens, Male Enhancement Gnc natrogix male enhancement Penis Enlargement Before And After. the sound of breaking through the air, these people turned their heads in surprise, but after seeing that it was han li and daoist xie, their expressions relaxed again why.

Curtains flickering on each of the tops in the light curtains, a blood red ancient lamp was placed respectively among these ancient lamps, except one of which was still flickering with a.

Slightly, and suddenly swiped a palm towards the void in front of him after a few puff puffs , more than a dozen layers of gray light curtains stood in front of him out of thin air and.

Masterpiece of this giant claw where the huge yellow Conservation does priamax male enhancement works pillar stirs, the void vibrates, and a strong wind blows where the giant claws scratched, a series of crystal white marks appeared out.

Were countless silver patterns looming inside the moment those black lights came into contact, they rebounded one after another, unable to break through the aura under han li s full.

Under it immortal puppet, it s interesting I didn t expect to see this thing in the lower realm after so many years the girl s eyes swept past han li and the others, and finally landed on.

Gift, I will risk my life and go there if this strange item is not used in this Honey Male Enhancement does priamax male enhancement works trip, I will not return it the red faced man stared at the array plate in bigger dick than my husband his hand, and after a flash of.

The place where baohua was standing a girl who looked no more than eleven or twelve years old was slowly retracting a small fist, and looked at all the mahayana beings present with a.

Plate his heart moved, and he looked back, but found an exquisite and unusual feather pattern printed on the back of the black diamond male enhancement reviews array plate, which was lifelike this is han li couldn t Sex Pills For Men natrogix male enhancement help.

Both of them did not dodge or dodge, and the weapons in the hands of kuang wu confronted each other daoist xie showed no expression on his face, but he waved a pair of silver blades in.

Ordinary stone pillars these eight pillars are not only stained with rust, but also have some unknown mysterious ancient scripts imprinted on the surface, and there are balls of light.

Directly don t worry, I can do this with certainty I know from the sealed spirit that although the locust mother used the power of the seal to trap hundreds of mahayana friends including.

Sleeping place of the locust mother before she wakes up, we can severely injure the worm mother first in this way, not only can the worm be temporarily held back, but also allow other.

Giant insect in the sky, but it where to buy quick flow male enhancement pills is darker and darker, as if it can absorb all light into it, and its size has also shrunk several times just now, baohua was sent flying by one what is vigrx male enhancement of his.

One side at this moment, baohua does priamax male enhancement works was making gesticulations with both hands, and under the urging of it, the giant pillar transformed into the sky was fighting with the giant claw in the.

And patriarch green stone looked at each other, they also followed after a short while, in a hall in the center of the hall, han li and the others surrounded a magic circle covering the.

Sky, and it struck han li menacingly han li s spiritual sense is so powerful, coupled with the heaven defying secret technique of cultivating fruit and refining the spirit, almost in a.

Sent baohua flying just now it can be seen that the girl s movements are weird and fast among the people present, the only one who didn t show .

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does priamax male enhancement works African Penis Enlargement, (Penis Enlargement Pill) natrogix male enhancement Gold Xl Male Enhancement Pills. any expression was taoist xie but while he.

To compensate the girl raised her eyebrows and said with a cold snort, her voice was unusually delicate the body, so your real body is hidden under the water it s a golden cicada s way to.

It seems that it will take some effort to take you down the giggles came again a strange scene appeared, the girl does priamax male enhancement works who was cut into two pieces, no trace of blood was seen between the two.

Shadow into it, and instantly tore it into countless pieces haha the big man laughed wildly, regardless of whether the blow just now really hurt the opponent, the Sex Pills For Men natrogix male enhancement five color glow on his.

Result, the two of them worked for a full day and night in the hall before finally repairing the entire magic circle when xie lian s dignified punching circle hit a formula, the entire.

Now, there is actually another kind of even more powerful evil insect han li murmured I m afraid it s true xie lian showed a helpless expression you two fellow daoists don t need to worry.

Low air, and behind one of them was a phantom of a huge does priamax male enhancement works pink flower hovering slowly, which was obviously a precious flower at this moment, yu rong stared at the gray mist coldly, but.

An auction in the early years the style and the aura of the phoenix are all the same the old man said without hesitation okay, since fellow daoist baohua xlerator male enhancement cream is willing to give this item as a.

Other, they each gritted their teeth and then submerged into the water below as two startling rainbows at the same time at this point, even though the two of them were annoyed by baohua s.

Worms with his current cultivation, he can use part of the power of this mysterious treasure without using his nirvana body, so it is easy to deal with the two human faced worms who are.

Darkened the entire sky, and the surrounding void buzzed at the same time, and after a while of blurring, it twisted layer by layer in a regular manner all the bending directions of the.

An astonishing attack, it could only dodge for a while, not daring to take anything hard as soon as han li saw that the two had already used their magical powers to forcefully entangle.

Felt a little bit of worry in his heart and said with a forced smile fellow daoists, even if you don t want to take this risk, you should always think about those relatives and friends.

Pieces does priamax male enhancement works of body, but was quietly suspended in the void, and said with a light smile on both sides of her mouth at the same time but the weirdness of his smile made the simple old man and.

Into the air the black robed woman just urged the spell in .

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(Roman Ed Pills) does priamax male enhancement works Conservation natrogix male enhancement Penis Enlargement Oil. her mouth, and with a flick side effect of male enhancement of the black short spear in her hand, it turned into a black lightning and shot out as for the red.

The does priamax male enhancement works insect is still awake if you can severely injure the mother of the locust with one blow, it is naturally the best thing fellow daoist han s remark made me look down on me if we join.

Turning into countless electric lights, piercing through the thunderballs, and colliding together all of a sudden, the two types of lightning burst apart with a certain interface, and.

Just now was, no one cared about it anymore, and they all stared at the girl, not daring to be distracted in the slightest after all, no one, including han li, could see the punch wife tells husband she will be fucking a bigger dick that.

Ball in his hand with a low and muffled sound, countless electric wires were ejected from the bead, intertwined and flickered, and instantly condensed into a thunderball it was no more.

And his body swayed high in the sky and disappeared then han li natrogix male enhancement Penis Enlargement Before And After fluctuated, and daoist xie appeared there with a calm expression brother crab, good tricks I m afraid the monster you dealt.

Arm, and a finger unexpectedly swiped towards the void with a sound of , a cyan sword light several hundred feet long appeared in a flash, and slashed down high into the sky the gray.

If it still didn t know anything about everything below baohua fixedly stared at the giant worm in the center of the light array, with faint silver threads flickering in her eyes, but.

The body of the big man flashed wildly with black light, aged and decayed, and finally disappeared out of thin air into a cloud of flying ash it s not the law of time, a few fellow.

Light without saying a word, turning into a silver Conservation does priamax male enhancement works rainbow and following closely xie .

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does priamax male enhancement works Male Enhancement Pills At Walgreens, Male Enhancement Gnc natrogix male enhancement Penis Enlargement Before And After. lian and patriarch lushi couldn t help but face each other fellow daoist xie lian, does priamax male enhancement works what should we do.

Extremely hidden area of the underground palace, tall and simple stone pillars rushed out of the ground one after another, forming an extremely strange and huge stone forest all at once.

Another, and suddenly she called out resolutely and abnormally, flipped one hand over, and suddenly there was an extra disk in her hand, which was pinched and shattered with the backhand.

Was lucky enough to get does priamax male enhancement works this treasure the simple old man said with a bit of complacency after coughing dryly seeing this, the red faced man showed a look of envy han li glanced at it.

Red faced man also raised their heads, showing a hint of puzzlement baohua glanced at the gray sky, but let out a light snort, revealing a sudden look but at this time, han li raised his.

Spewed out a gray white air bang after the two streams of gas collided, they immediately rolled and circled together, and rushed straight to a high place, as if two dragons, one blue and.

Who was still fighting endlessly, so black rhino male enhancement pills he couldn t bear to lose his face after a loud roar, he shook his sleeve, and suddenly nine identical bluestone seals flew out of it there was a.

And it can t be compared with the real spiritual realm but if fellow daoist han is really interested, you and I might as well talk about it when we have time baohua said unchanged best male enhancement without yohimbe okay.

Impossible for us to wait baohua quickly explained hearing this woman s words, the other three mahayanas from other worlds couldn t help but feel a little relieved, but after all, this.

Crystal line a few Sex Pills For Men natrogix male enhancement does priamax male enhancement works Penis Enlargement Surgery Before After times, it still passed by as if urging decay the girl let out a scream, her body was split in two from the waist, but countless thin bloodstains appeared on her face.

Weren t for that, I ll shoot them all together xie lian looked at han li and taoist xie, and then looked at the remains of the other three giant insects that were killed, and suddenly.

Huge change here what needs to be repaired is the same as before as long as I have enough time, I can do it naturally but the precious flower didn t give us such bluoxyn male enhancement a long time that .

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natrogix male enhancement Sex Pills For Men Sildenafil does priamax male enhancement works Conservation. s why i.

Was staring blankly at zylofon male enhancement pills the girl in the asian blindfold swap to bigger dick air, there were bursts of thunder coming from his body, and silver arcs were ignited by themselves, turning into a thundercloth and covering himself.

Death fights to become the ancestor of the mahayana, no matter how confident they are in their own attacks, they will never believe that such a famous mother of locusts can be killed so.

Follow immediately don t have any hesitation fellow daoist, don t worry, my life is involved in male enhancement forta this battle, so naturally there will be nothing wrong with it the simple old man replied.

Brother han, the person in front of natrogix male enhancement Penis Enlargement Before And After me is not the main body of the mother of locusts, but an incarnation of her primordial spirit coming out of her body therefore, except for the.

Stabilize her figure and stopped, but her face was strangely red, and she couldn t help but spit out a ball of bright red blood under this blow, she immediately hurt her vitality this is.

Rain of blood, does priamax male enhancement works and even the soul hiding in it could not escape at all these two fierce giant worms were killed in the blink of an eye after han li smiled faintly, he took the green flying.

Taoist xie, and said with a hint of interest, your excellency is the real mother of locusts Conservation does priamax male enhancement works baohua finally dispelled the blood in her chest, and slowly asked the girl, her expression was.

Countless phantoms of petals intertwined and danced like sharp blades in the four voids, making a chi chi piercing sound and in the depths, countless phantoms of spirit beasts surrounded.

Long it was the .

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natrogix male enhancement Sex Pills For Men Sildenafil does priamax male enhancement works Conservation. other human face worms also showed greed han li and other people naturally saw these human faced worms clearly xie lian s expression darkened when she heard this, and she.

In one blow, the supernatural powers of this insect mother ten will be abolished without the supernatural protection, even if the worm s physical body is strong enough, it will definitely.

White electric arcs were like tarsal maggots chasing after han li s phantom, and it seemed that they would never turn back if they could not kill the target it s a mere ghost, do you.

Can condense a thread of law in the process of stimulation, it is almost a rare thing I don t know how many winners of the xuantian object, sacrificed and cultivated for tens of thousands.

Patriarch green stone sighed softly, and made a pinch with one hand, green mist billowed on his body, and followed him out of the air at this time, han li had already taken Natural Male Enhancement does priamax male enhancement works daoist xie.

Spiritual sense seems to be far superior to baohua, the former ancestor this surprised does priamax male enhancement works everyone so you think han s nascent soul is more delicious as long as you have the ability to do.

Turned into a green flying sword after circling like lightning, it unexpectedly circled around the man faced worm s head the head on the giant worm s neck immediately tumbled down, and.

Punches the moment the girl looked at .

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(Ed Best Pills) natrogix male enhancement, does priamax male enhancement works Male Enhancement Pills Natural Penis Enlargement. han li, there was a thump in his heart, and a strange chill shot up from behind, and his eyes couldn t help but narrowed slightly as for the other.

She was full of supernatural powers, she was unable to avoid anything under the restraint of the spiritual realm even though the layer of strange black flame and bone armor blocked the.

Finely carved with jade, and there are countless patterns of spirit beasts looming the ten thousand beast card is actually this treasure it is said that although this item is not the.

And grabbed the void with one hand with a sound of , a fragment of the shiny sword blade was shot into his hand han li raised his eyes and scanned carefully on the surface of the.

Eyebrows, and with a slight shake of his shoulders, his whole body disappeared like a flash of light from the foam board the two thick sticks and the black liquid all fell into the air.