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Time it really seemed that there were many people fa fafa sun has a big bell and a small road beside the woods it seems that this is the valley black boys have bigger dicks of god s hands that the deputy commander.

This person was actually saved by han li ma rong s master, elder li, was also one of the people who participated in the death fight, which was too unexpected after han li came back to his.

Seeing han li walking out of the house, li feiyu immediately urged him impatiently han li didn t give li feiyu a good face, he glared at him, then walked to another smaller room, and said.

Found a hidden place and stayed at the foot of the mountain hearing that the sunset peak might have left behind such a trump card to die with the enemy, li feiyu couldn t bear the doubts.

Knowing that the other party was a legendary cultivator, he felt a deep friendship in his heart after knowing that this person had a certain obsession with gold, he immediately sprinkled.

Of contempt and a bit of jealousy han li ignored li feiyu, who had suddenly turned into a lover, and returned to the house on his own, and quickly packed up a few necessary items okay.

Sharp pain in his right arm he couldn t help but look down before he could see clearly, there was another exclamation, and the voices of the two senior brothers were also in it, full of.

They pierced the heart like a sharp sword, making people shiver he stopped a few feet away from the entrance, and slowly looked at the crowd in front of him, without the slightest.

And looked sideways at the same time I saw a adult novelty and male enhancement pills online shopping gray light, like lightning, passing by where he was standing just now the man s heart trembled, but then he felt relieved, since he had.

And must be under the supervision of our disciples his tone was very blunt yes, no problem jia tianlong agreed without hesitation seeing that the other party agreed so readily, wang.

Crossbow from behind, and pointed the arrows of the crossbow that were shining blue at novarect male enhancement this person one after another it seemed that as long as jia tianlong gave an order, they would.

Ghost, and he was full of astonishment you know the nonsense all along I don t know much about these things in the jianghu I don t know what s so strange about it han li said in a low.

Movement Penis Enlargement Pill male enhancement pills au technique, that he would be invaded silently from behind without even realizing it such a terrifying skill, who is this person hiding in this sect, and what are his plans a.

Lightly it seemed that the gray light was too sharp, and the man didn t even notice what happened then, something even more shocking happened after fx 12023 male enhancement review being dodged, the gray light flicked.

Book of life and death, and signed the death contract to show their fighting spirit at the same time, wang juechu said coldly, not to be outdone, sign the life and death certificate.

Replied coldly like an iceman are you really planning to male enhancement pills au surrender jia tianlong felt a little surprised surrender is surrender, but it doesn t matter which of the two of us surrenders.

Exclamations of the members of the wild wolf gang immediately came oops ah who is it not good, someone sneaked up male enhancement pills au what kind of monster is this run the exclamation and miserable screams in.

When he andro male enhancement pill review was full of ambition and was about to find an excuse to leave qixuanmen and go down the mountain, the wild wolf gang suddenly asked for peace talks with qixuanmen as male enhancement pills au soon as this.

Taking advantage of other people s inattention, han li secretly black storm ed pills recited the magic trick of the sky eye technique, secretly cast the sky eye technique on his body, and then hurriedly.

Of the outer blade hall, see the head of the sect li feiyu greeted loudly the two of us are willing to sign a death contract and participate in the bloody battle, and I hope the sect.

Fierce general before qixuanmen, who had killed countless enemies, he naturally wouldn t act hastily in the face of this strange golden mask male enhancement pills au seeing this person carefully sizing up the.

And I let you attack at will if someone can break my immortal master s vajra indestructibility skill, then my master will spare your life after speaking, he laughed arrogantly master jin.

Financial resources are still not comparable to that of a gang that has only risen for more than ten kingside reviews male enhancement years it is male enhancement pills au Quick Flow Male Enhancement Reviews really extravagant and luxurious, jia tianlong couldn t help thinking to.

Sword used by the legendary sword fairy, it is exactly the same could it be that this inconspicuous dwarf was actually one of the legendary sword immortals, and now he looked at master.

Technique to show great power while jia tianlong was busy, the opposite wang juechu returned to the stone palace at some point, and he has not been seen yet, so he must be racking his.

Lightness kung fu therefore, when he used the fire bomb technique , he only legendz male enhancement pills cast half of the spell when the fireball moringa male enhancement capsules appeared, he stopped firing it instead, he took advantage of its.

Of him alive under his careful calculation this makes him, the leader of the wild wolf gang, how can he not be proud he is now standing on the mountainside of sunset peak it turns out.

Silence li Conservation male enhancement pills au feiyu frowned, although he was a bit reluctant, but he habitually chose to follow the other party s instructions and did not continue to speak not long after this time, li.

Saw that after the dwarf finished reciting the mantra, a streak of gray lights flew Male Enhancement Pills Near Me male enhancement pills au out of the black box, circled around the dwarf s head, and shot straight at the man as his finger.

Voice, and everyone has a worried look on their faces near the courtyard, there are more than 20 young men in black clothes with swords in male enhancement pills au their hands guarding the surroundings compared.

Thoughts circled several circles in wang s mind before finally making up his xomax male enhancement mind he suddenly laughed a few times, and then said kindly since dr han is sincere to the sect, how could he.

The dark main hall then a burst of rhythmic footsteps of slap and slap came from inside, and it became more and more clear finally, a middle aged man in white clothes appeared at the.

Normal person, even covering up the whistling sound in an instant when the man turned in front of the dwarf again, his figure dual fuel male enhancement stopped, and the whistling and popping joints stopped.

The road ahead, li feiyu kept vomiting the bitterness in his heart to han li, lamenting that han li was lucky enough to learn such a powerful skill han li, on the other hand, didn t.

Government, and his cousin was among them as a result, after so many years, his cousin got mixed into a high ranking military post like a lieutenant general now this cousin, who is the.

Easily arrived at elder li s residence and can you buy ed pills without prescription met ma rong and learned from him that elder li and zhang xiu er had gone to sunset peak after hearing the bad news, li feiyu s face turned blue.

Otherwise, it will be too late li feiyu spoke lightly and quickly, extremely hastily because those people had already entered the grove and began to walk towards where han li and the.

With him as long as it does not involve himself, he is too lazy to care about these things now so within a few days after the negotiating team left, he still unhurriedly produced the.

To ask me to take action a sect master of the qixuan sect doesn t need the immortal master to take action I invite the immortal master to deal with the three uncles of the sect master of.

Series of terrifying thoughts flooded male enhancement pills au into wang juechu s mind he turned around, looked at han li who was still harmless to humans and grizzly grow male enhancement pills animals, and couldn t help but look at his three.

Wiped male enhancement pills au out our negotiating male enhancement pills au Quick Flow Male Enhancement Reviews team, and immediately followed us survivors and killed trple staxxx male enhancement pill them up the mountain the person who reported the news was li feiyu who left four days ago at this moment.

You understand another man with a sharp voice, like a rooster crowing, ordered yes yes a series of sounds of obeying orders sounded one after another judging from the voices, there male enhancement pills au were.

On the spot without Penis Enlargement Pill male enhancement pills au any expression, and looked into the distance, as if he hadn t heard anything, his male enhancement pills au expression was extremely dull huh, what s going on han li was a little surprised even.

Expression of fear on his face finally, his eyes fell on jia tianlong s raised right hand, and then his eyes moved from the palm to jia tianlong s face jia tianlong, the middle aged man.

Of this group the scarred man in the lead was also carefully looking at the few people trapped by his men, and he felt a little strange in his heart it s no wonder that among these few.

Directions some people stretched their hands into their arms while running, it seemed that they were going to pick up the so called signal a man in tsing yi embroidered with two white.

King s sect master has no intention of pity, in order to win the death fight, even a daughter like .

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male enhancement pills au Best Male Enlargement Pills, (Male Enhancer Pill) nitroxin male enhancement pills What Is The Strongest Male Enhancement Pill. zhang xiu er is sent out, it seems that they are going to put all their eggs in one.

Along the way to strengthen their vigilance li feiyu said to himself in doubt it s nothing surprising the wild wolf gang must have been planning this large scale attack for a long time male enhancement pills consumer reports it.

Reward I promised will never break my promise, and after the matter male enhancement pills au is completed, I am willing to give another two thousand taels of gold as a reward jia tianlong was overjoyed, and.

Sect master wang narrowed his eyes slightly, put his hand on the hilt of the sword casually, and said slowly what do you mean by that jia male enhancement pills au tianlong s face darkened, and then he waved his.

Time, the man was only a few steps away from the main formation of qixuanmen, and he was about to run back into the crowd suddenly there was a loud get up sound .

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male enhancement pills au Best Penis Enlargement, Male Enhancement Pills nitroxin male enhancement pills Viagra Pills. from behind, and then he.

Gloomy anyone who is familiar with chief jia knows that this is a sign of his displeasure if he is offended at this time, it will be very difficult for the offender to die hey, since it s.

Actually hit the dwarf I don t know what this golden light is, but it is as strong as steel, making the knife useless although this strong man was well informed, he was still stunned by.

Going to torture me I think you, the hall master li, should be more skilled than me those who are capable will work harder I will leave it to you seeing that han li changed the subject.

Because he had been in contact with li feiyu for a long time and had a .

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male enhancement pills au Best Penis Enlargement, Male Enhancement Pills nitroxin male enhancement pills Viagra Pills. deep relationship, and he didn t want to watch him take risks alone the two strode out of the crowd and walked.

Li naturally turned his attention to this place, wanting to see if there were any acquaintances he knew among the crowd he also saw the three uncles size x male enhancement pills reviews of sect master wang, but he didn t pay.

Order, only the genius doctors in the valley are allowed to be captured alive, and no one is allowed to hurt the other party, otherwise they will be dealt with according to gang rules do.

Can t help muttering, could it be that what .

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  • 1.Where Can I Buy Progentra Male Enhancement Pills In Ghana
  • 2.What To Do For Long Erection
  • 3.How Do Girls Get An Erection
  • 4.Where To Buy Wild Dragon Erection Pills
  • 5.Can Individuals With Quadriplegia Get Erections
  • 6.Does Having An Erection Mean Higher Sex Drive
  • 7.Does Your Urethra Expand Erection

Male Enhancement Pills At Walmart male enhancement pills au Penis Enlargement Supplement, nitroxin male enhancement pills. the other party said was not a deception, is there really such a trick activate the no 2 mechanism wang juechu suddenly turned his head, facing.

Sudden, there were voices in qixuanmen who agreed to the peace talks and voices who disagreed with them, and can a 16 year old take male enhancement pills all the high level people also had their own different opinions, and li feiyu.

This moment, he was looking impatient, obviously very dissatisfied with jia tianlong s foresight such a male enhancement pills au dwarf who looked so wretched and dressed like a country rich man was so.

Intersection, trying to escape the mountain they thought was about to collapse boom there was a huge collapse sound, and the ground shook violently for a while hearing this loud noise.

It comes to the amount of magic he has mastered and the actual fighting skills, he still can t catch up with yu zitong before after all, when yu zitong was practicing spells in his.

Die together wang juechu s words were full of murderous intentions, and the meaning of threat was undoubtedly revealed jia tianlong carefully observed the other party s expression, trying.

He stops, as if they have never been hit and even if he kept attacking the same part, it would only keep the sunken place concave, and could male enhancement pills au not penetrate .

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nitroxin male enhancement pills Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost New York Best Penis Enlargement Medicine In India male enhancement pills au Conservation. any Male Enhancement Pills Near Me male enhancement pills au further in this way, the.

Their own vitality, the two sides usually have twenty or thirty people but since he proposed the death fight first, he naturally couldn t go back on his word, and he male enhancement pills au had full confidence.

Drum then you just knock her out, take her away by force, and cook the recycled rice han li replied casually you li feiyu stared angrily at han li s words, and was speechless just when.

Strong man unable to see clearly, but the strong man did not panic in his heart, and the steel knife slashed down fiercely dang , a sound of metal collision resounded through the audience.

He looked around, found the tallest room, stomped slightly, he had reached the roof, and then looked out of the valley his expression was very ugly, and he looked a little gloomy because.

Line with his status as the overlord jia tianlong looked at the entrance of the main hall on the opposite side, hei bulong dong, and then looked at the surrounding subordinates, and.

Wang juechu and the remaining masters of qixuanmen are eliminated in the death fight, it doesn t matter even if the plan is not successful this time because as long as they attack again.

Immortal master, don t take it to heart jia tianlong hastily smiled, fearing that he would offend his biggest reliance at this time hum after hearing this, the dwarf s anger gradually.

Alone, is he planning to surrender jia tianlong said with a smile in a teasing tone that s right, I m going to discuss with you about surrendering wang juechu, the master of qixuanmen.

Book because we are at another place, in order to ensure the quality, the latest update speed of wangyu may be a little slower, and I hope everyone will understand but book friends.

Sunset peak and are attacking desperately I heard that they have already cleared several checkpoints li feiyu said these words very plainly, and it seemed that he didn t care about the.

More overjoyed when he saw li feiyu, his charming face was full of surprise, if there weren t too many people present, he might have thrown himself into the arms of his sweetheart and.

The beginning to the end only then did li feiyu let out a long breath, and put away his posture he looked at the man in blue on the ground, and at han li who had always been calm, and.

Water gate I have been hunted down by the wild wolf gang for so long, let me vent my anger on them first, and their weapons are suitable for me after finishing speaking, he rushed out.

Deal with that blue clothed law enforcement alone, but if I add other enemies, I m sure I m no match I know you have a lot of tricks, so if you have any ideas, please tell me quickly.

Feiyu s expression became serious he turned his head and looked at han li in astonishment, because he finally heard the sound of many footsteps resounding outside the valley at the same.

At all instead, he proudly said to jia tianlong master jia, you spent 3,000 taels of gold to invite the master from all the way from jinguangguan you won t just do it overnight if anyone.

Hands, han li is now confident that he can easily male enhancement pills au kill any expert with these reliances, han li could finally breathe a sigh of relief and no longer have to worry about his lack of.

Li said lightly li feiyu was a little surprised, and quickly listened attentively, but after passing the old meeting, he didn t hear anything he glanced at han li suspiciously, but the.

That at a certain checkpoint of qixuanmen, there are many male enhancement pills au iron guards in red from the wild wolf gang surrounded by him these fifty or sixty iron guards are all disciples who have been.

Moved closer to han li, and explained softly li feiyu knew that his good friend had never cared about the situation of his opponent, so he didn t bother to ask him why he heard the.

The other is bad you want to hear that first li feiyu said depressingly let s say it first, so I can be happier after hearing it han li obviously didn t care the good news is that you.

Burly man s blow lasted for quite a while, and Male Enhancement Pills Near Me male enhancement pills au the golden shield still looked trembling and ready to be broken at any time but at this moment, everyone s thoughts turned a 180 degree.

Would be dealt with according to the sect male enhancement pills au s rules li feiyu was so anxious now that he only cared about the safety of zhang xiuer, so he didn t care about the rules of the house, so he.

Death contract fight this small scene can t bother me we can be regarded as friends, and I will help with this small favor han li said with a smile after li feiyu heard this, without.

Immediately, dozens of pre selected dead soldiers walked out from the crowd of qixuanmen, who were also ready to sign the death contract on does a skinnier girl need a bigger dick the paperwork as these people stepped out, han.

Waist when he opened his mouth to speak, his mouth glistened with gold it male enhancement pills au seemed that there were gold teeth embedded in it from the outside, he looked like a full fledged nouveau riche at.

Participate wang juechu put his hand on the hilt of his sword, stared at jia tianlong, and said coldly python 4k male enhancement pills jia tianlong chuckled, and didn t respond .

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Gold Xl Male Enhancement Pills nitroxin male enhancement pills, male enhancement pills au Male Enhancement Pills Side Effects Penis Enlargement Medicine Texas. immediately, but thought about it with.

Person in the crowd on the opposite side, walking towards him, and he understood the meaning of the other party to some extent he .

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Male Enhancement Pills At Walmart male enhancement pills au Penis Enlargement Supplement, nitroxin male enhancement pills. let out a strange hehe laugh, and his broken voice made.

Matter to you, the members of the wild wolf gang have already killed best male enhancement pills 2023 in india them tell me, what should we do now after Conservation male enhancement pills au li feiyu said a lot in one breath, his expression became a little helpless.

Chaotic following the flow of people, they easily came to the sunset peak, and heard what the head of the wangmen said now as for qu hun, Conservation male enhancement pills au because his figure was too attractive, he was.

Interested in the three people who followed wang juechu of these three people, one has a fluttering confucian shirt, a bookish face, and a scholar s attire at first glance, these people.

More than a dozen people, and all of them were not weak, and seemed to have good kung fu except for one law enforcement officer in blue, the rest are elite gang members of the wild wolf.

Only then did he understand why the other party was so confident in asking for a deathmatch with such three monster like masters as support, if it were him, he might be impatient to.

Voice oh, that .

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  • 1.Is Quick Flow Male Enhancement Safe
  • 2.How Erect For Jelq
  • 3.Are Male Enhancement Pills Pad On Your Heart
  • 4.Do Sit Ups Help Your Erection

male enhancement pills au Best Penis Enlargement, Male Enhancement Pills nitroxin male enhancement pills Viagra Pills. s true, I almost forgot about this li feiyu scratched Male Enhancement Pills Near Me male enhancement pills au his head embarrassedly the so called death pact refers to the fact that two parties with deep hatred must sign a life.

Right arm was broken at the shoulder level at some point, and the blood was flowing what s going on here the man was full of doubts and unwillingness, his eyes were darkened, and he didn.

Completely wiped out I made up an excuse to heal my wounds, and came to you secretly first to discuss the countermeasures master wu and so many people were killed in the ambush, but we.

Rush out of the crowd and charge towards the dwarf, but they were stopped by the master wang with a wave of wang juechu s hand, male enhancement pills au he called back the guardian who was still on the field, and.

Expression became annoyed, and his gaze towards the man became even more vicious however, due to being attacked by reviews on male enhancement supplements the opponent one after another, he couldn t stand still, and he always.

Near the entrance of the valley in a blink of an eye when li feiyu raised his leg and wanted to step into the woods, han li .

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male enhancement pills au Best Penis Enlargement, Male Enhancement Pills nitroxin male enhancement pills Viagra Pills. suddenly stretched out his right hand and grabbed his shoulder.

His voice was full of anger and unwillingness however, how did progentix male enhancement 1800 number they break through the outer guard post on the mountain when we fled back to the mountain, we obviously asked the guards.

Then disappeared, and then immediately appeared launch xl male enhancement behind another fellow sect, and the same white light flashed at this time, the previous fellow sect was pierced by a sword in the throat.

Small and medium gangs it seems that our sect is really facing a catastrophe han li was taken aback after hearing this, it seems that this news also exceeded his expectations never mind.

Wrong, your little lover is not in any danger now, it s very safe after the duel between the two of them is over, we will take advantage of the chaos when the wild wolf gang retreated.

Venerable jin guang s complexion changed drastically, he could no longer maintain the demeanor of an immortal teacher, and began to pinch spells in a hurry it s a pity that he made a lot.

Plan of how to annex these small and medium .

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Male Enhancement Pills At Walmart male enhancement pills au Penis Enlargement Supplement, nitroxin male enhancement pills. sized gangs after taking down qixuanmen in front of jia tianlong, there were nearly a thousand people wearing various clothes and holding.

Therefore, if the head of the king s family has any messages or orders, they will be conveyed through this person not long ago, this person was hastily given this token by the head of the.

Couldn t help but turned his gaze to venerable jin guang who was his backer, male enhancement pillstonigt but after seeing the panicked face of the other party clearly, he smiled wryly it turns out that this.

Huge killing battlefield han li s complexion changed, he didn t care to listen to the person in front of him continue to speak, his body flickered, he had already come outside the house.

The other side s one sided words, he couldn t help feeling annoyed he knew that if he didn t stop it immediately, the situation would become uncontrollable immediately, so he issued a.

Sides why bother to continue it would be better to let the enemy leave earlier, and save the night and dreams okay, I agree, we can fight to the death jia tianlong finally made up his.

They discussed in low voices, and some clever people even started to move closer to the only way down the mountain, preparing to rush down the mountain immediately if something went wrong.

To say that the wild wolf gang could gain the upper hand so easily this time, the killing weapons in these troops definitely made the first contribution otherwise, not only would it be.

Footsteps so early instead, he directly explained the identity of the bigger dick naturally exercises enemy, in order to let the other party know well and Male Enhancement Pills Near Me male enhancement pills au not be careless as soon as han li heard it, he understood li.

T help but glance back at the dozen or so small and medium gang leaders standing not far behind him each of these people looked downcast, and when they saw jia tianlong looking over, they.

Guessed the wild wolf gang s plan correctly the opponent really only trapped the other peaks and did not take the initiative to attack instead, they transferred their main force to the.

But at this time he brought them all with him, in order to completely deter those small and medium sized gangs who are ready to move after all, these gangs never want the wild wolf gang.

Seventy or eighty year olds have, making people feel that their age is not birthday surprise wife with bigger dick as young as it looks jia tianlong knew in his heart that these three people must be wang juechu s three uncles.

Glanced at sect master wang, only to see that wang juechu had a gloomy expression, discussing something with the three strangers beside him, who seemed to be troubled by the golden light.

Came up, and then everyone fell into a hard fight in order to increase the chance of survival, the rest of us simply separated and broke through on our advanced nx male enhancement reviews own it s also my fate in the eyes.

And priests a team composed of so many masters, even if all the elite of the wild wolf gang come out, they must not be able to stop their footsteps the qixuanmen are full male enhancement pills in canada of confidence in.

Standing together with these three nondescript people, even the leader who considers himself a veteran of the rivers and lakes is a little puzzled he gave several of his subordinates a.

That you can t afford han li said lightly it seems that he doesn t have a deep sense of belonging to qixuanmen isn t this elopement no, xiu er won t agree li feiyu shook his head like a.

Away as soon as they arrived near sunset peak, the two were startled by the number of enemies knowing that Before And After Penis Enlargement nitroxin male enhancement pills it would be impossible to forcefully break in here, the two of them discussed it.

Everyone thought it was the beginning of the collapse of the entire mountain, and they couldn t help but despair because even if he wanted to escape from this place at this time, it might.

Safety of the high level people that s all the good news, don t ask, the bad one must be terrible han li touched his nose with his hand and said to himself your crow s mouth is quite.

She whats the best male enhancement was wearing a silky white dress, her apricot lips were biting slightly, and she was like a small white flower, delicate and pitiful miss zhang, a weak woman, how could she participate.

Li feiyu he really didn t know what this guy was thinking on the one hand, he was extremely nervous and concerned about zhang xiuer what a contradictory guy han li quietly made an.

This person it seemed that he wanted to find out the details of this person first, and then make other male enhancement pills au plans to avoid accidental loss of personnel although it is a duel in the form of.

Much attention to it, and passed by with a hasty glance, and his eyes fell on an old man in green male enhancement pills au clothes seeing the old man s face, han li couldn t help but let out a low voice elder li.

Planning the operation plan at the headquarters suddenly, an officer who claimed to be his relative wanted to meet him he felt a bigjim male enhancement little surprised, .

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Male Enhancement Pills At Walmart male enhancement pills au Penis Enlargement Supplement, nitroxin male enhancement pills. so he met that person it turned out that.

Spot people were injured, and martial arts were weakened a lot I was one of those lucky people, otherwise I wouldn t be able to come back li feiyu still had lingering fears when he said.

Side of the wild wolf gang were feeling uneasy no one noticed that on the outskirts of the dark crowd, there were two people in broken clothes, with their heads lowered, whispering in low.

Demand a bloody fight thinking of this, jia tianlong looked at the dwarf who was at a disadvantage he was already considering whether he should send someone to help this famous fairy.

On the back of his neck, and a half inch long sword tip jumped out from his adam s apple, and then disappeared without a trace only then did he realize that he was pierced through the.

Time not only did he stop the detection of the enemy s situation, but he also used his token to take away ma rong s command over these wairen hall disciples, and then planned to stay here.