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Searched for by the other party otherwise, it is impossible to explain the behavior flow zone male enhancement pills of the fierce demon after thinking for a while, biying frowned, before replying gloomyly then what.

True immortal the blurred figure smiled and replied very confidently that s true even though the true small compared to bigger dick immortal is powerful, the previous arrangements are enough to consume most of its.

Body, he floated away to the car with yin gangzi after a while, the green speeding car broke through the air, and it turned into a ball of green light and fled into the black and green.

Doing this let them stay in the eye of the formation, .

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reviews on male enhancement supplements Penis Enlargement Medicine Texas Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost In India small compared to bigger dick Conservation. maybe they can survive in the end ming zun laughed and didn t answer directly forget it as the shadow of our alliance, I was.

Heavy as water after looking down at han li, he said expressionlessly since you want to see me, why don t you go there in person, and you say that you will be buried here if male enhancement clinical trials you don t.

Hearing these words, han li s heart shuddered that s right the sacrificial objects for this formation eye can be some treasures and rare materials, or those powerful creatures generally.

The yin gangzi said shaking his head earlier, han li got along well with him after talking with him in muscle and male enhancement pills the speeding car, and it seemed like they hit it off it can make the entire race.

Earth dragon with a few strides, and after a low growl, both palms suddenly slapped down hard on the nearby ground boom and boom made two loud noises that shook the ground with the giant.

Faint fluctuation that even a fit monk could not detect, and a golden beetle the size of a grain of rice emerged out of thin air after a .

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(Male Enhancement Pills Increase Size) reviews on male enhancement supplements, small compared to bigger dick Penis Enlargement Before After Rhino Pill. blur, the beetle stuck to the cylinder out of thin.

Means chinese male enhancement tea specially used to break the body of a true immortal although I have refined nine true spirits before and after to have such a blow, it is more than enough to deal with a descending.

Come, do you really think I will believe it if you don t believe me, why did you come here with fellow daoist bingfeng han li replied lightly hmph, I just think that since you intend to.

Expression, that s right, that s true now fellow daoists, you should understand why the old man is so cautious so this time, in addition to fellow daoists, I will also invite four.

The glazed flying boat suddenly burst out with piercing screams, and after the whole body became blurred, its escape speed increased by many times, and it shot forward even faster than.

Bodies and burned the next moment, there was a loud roar from the billowing blood flames, and four black hurricanes soared into the sky, swirling what drugs are in african black ant male enhancement pills all the blood flames into the air, and.

Most it is the existence of spirit beasts, monsters and monsters my skills can restrain them it is not easy to deal with them, and it will never delay the things here besides, if I don t.

Within ten thousand years, there will be the possibility of directly ascending to the fairy world bingfeng glanced at liu yi, and said with a sarcasm at the corner of his mouth ascension.

Did not dare to disobey, and replied respectfully, and after the flying boat turned around, he immediately led the Penis Enlargement Oil small compared to bigger dick way ahead under the urging of yingangzi, the green speeding car followed.

The words, and then saw him open his mouth and spit out a stream of emerald green light the speeding car was in the shape of a triangle, the small compared to bigger dick surface was carved with jade, and the whole.

Moved into the air, and after circling in the air, he turned into a red rainbow and flew away the power of law outside seems to have no effect on what happens if a girl takes male enhancement pills it above the full moon, ming zun, who was.

Several other fellow daoists, but they may not be able to participate in this joint venture because of lack of time or other important matters otherwise, the chances of this matter will.

Li stared at the purple gold lightning ball for a while, he suddenly flicked his wrist and threw it out there was a boom as soon as the thunder ball flew man sticks sick in bigger dick several zhang away, it.

Without thinking oh, then what kind of mysterious use do these two dust formations have han li asked slowly with his eyes flickering the liangyi mote array mainly has three functions.

Hearing these words, han li s expression froze, and he made a tactic with one hand, which turned into a blue rainbow and shot out with just a flash, it pierced through the roof and.

Mingzun liu yi asked bingfeng only the last one bingfeng said after a moment of hesitation then what are you waiting for, when do you need to use this kind of secret talisman liu yi.

Turned, and she agreed without thinking seeing this situation, liu yi s heart trembled, but natural male enhancement pills canada after a quick turn of his mind, he felt that there was no problem, and after the possibility of.

The corresponding consequences if my former master can t ascend within ten thousand years, I don t plan to marry you, so you can be one of my concubines, and you will not refuse any.

Farther away don t worry, didn t you expect this strong man from the mainland to do this this is exactly what I want as long as these people are wiped out, no one in the entire spiritual.

Made a tactic with one hand, and as soon as the seven colored clouds and mist gathered under him, they shot up into the sky in a pack seeing this situation, yang lu also turned into a.

Sky, and he couldn t help but slow down his retreating figure and the spell in his hand and just for this momentary delay, the huge spiritual force covered the six wings in one volume.

Is a real strong among immortals mingzun revealed a wry smile when he heard this the strongest among immortals the old man was slightly taken aback when the others heard this, they couldn.

Speaking, once the sacrifice starts, everything within a hundred miles of the cialis male enhancement reviews formation eye prescription will be directly refined into ashes by the power of the magic circle as sacrifices.

Bowed in unison when han lifang approached get up since I have taken over this place, there is only one order from me those who don t obey the .

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Sex Enhancement Pills For Mensmall compared to bigger dick Penis Enlargement Near Me, (Ed Best Pills) reviews on male enhancement supplements Male Enhancement Pills At Cvs.

How Much Is Penis Enlargement Surgery small compared to bigger dick Conservation reviews on male enhancement supplements How Much Is Penis Enlargement Surgery. order will be .

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small compared to bigger dick Penis Enlargement Near Me, (Ed Best Pills) reviews on male enhancement supplements Male Enhancement Pills At Cvs. killed now, and you continue.

The liangyi mote formation in the immortal world taoist xie s surprised voice suddenly came from han li s consciousness shouldn t the liangyi mochen formation be the liangyi dust.

Replying calmly haha, this matter can only be due to the hard work small compared to bigger dick Male Enhancement Pills Reviews of those who .

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reviews on male enhancement supplements Penis Enlargement Medicine Texas Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost In India small compared to bigger dick Conservation. are capable there are fellow daoists and brother and sister .

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reviews on male enhancement supplements Penis Enlargement Medicine Texas Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost In India small compared to bigger dick Conservation. yun dan guarding the formation together for.

Frost stopped taking male enhancement peduncle, and he is still ed pills not working after prostatectomy very hostile to me han li rubbed his chin and asked thoughtfully fellow daoist bingfeng indeed said so, and the reason why liuyi agreed to be the bait so.

Should have been important places of the business alliance master, it seems that the members of the helian merchant alliance have already received the news, and they have been evacuated.

Actually set foot on the fengyuan continent if that s the case, it won t do if he doesn t go this time if he can be suppressed or expelled from the spirit all natural ed pills world without affecting the.

Yawned and took the words vaguely since brother ming said so, my brothers and sisters are relieved everything will be arranged by fellow daoist the woman named yue comb looked at han li.

Out of them came four black behemoths that were several times larger than before and at this time, not far behind the giant beast, the four blood colored giants that were supposed to be.

Killed were still standing with their heads intact, .

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small compared to bigger dick Penis Enlargement Near Me, (Ed Best Pills) reviews on male enhancement supplements Male Enhancement Pills At Cvs. but wildly dancing blood colored tentacles emerged from their backs at some point, and stared at the four black giants with emotionless.

Blood river was full of brilliant rays of light, and various phantoms such as figures, monsters, and buildings appeared indistinctly, making people fall into it immediately after a glance.

Han li directly restrained her without even a chance to use her mobile phone brother han, what s going on here male enhancement made in usa the woman was startled, and couldn t hold back her words anymore it s.

Of miles away, and he could see everything in the distance as clearly as before I saw a huge milky white light array appearing in the midair that should have been empty at some point the.

All over his body, faintly revealing a trace of red light ma liang looked at this villain, tiger male enhancement review and for the first time a serious look appeared on his face, but he didn t hesitate in the.

Surprised but at this moment, some of the other giant banners also buzzed loudly, and the same five color light mirrors condensed out one after another for a moment, the redwood male enhancement area around the.

Threatening me to fail liu yi s face became savage my word has been delivered, it s up to you whether you believe it or not bingfeng giggled, made a tactic with one hand, and the glow on.

Forget what you promised me liu yi replied coldly after getting the treasures that mingzun said, he was quite confident in leading ma liang to the place he said otherwise, knowing that .

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(Pills For Erection) small compared to bigger dick Male Enhancement Pills At Cvs, reviews on male enhancement supplements. he.

Cross legged quietly in the attic, suddenly felt a wave in front of him, and a ball of crimson fire shot out, instantly bursting into sparks a faint voice suddenly echoed in the room.

That I was able to kill the mother of the locust but the name of the tianji clan has long been known to me the transformation of fellow daoist just now must be the well known creation of.

Than one in a hundred liu yi said with a wild laugh really, but I m very confident that brother han will finally enter the fairyland if you and I amped male enhancement pill reviews escape and save .

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(Pills For Erection) small compared to bigger dick Male Enhancement Pills At Cvs, reviews on male enhancement supplements. our lives this time, do.

Feet came into close contact, the body trembled and fell from the sky after another muffled sound, the small half of the giant beast was trampled into the ground by the giant foot at this.

Muttered a few words, with a hint of joy on the corner of his mouth at this moment, a buzzing sound came from his sleeve han li small compared to bigger dick was startled for a moment, but immediately remembered.

Pairs of transparent cicada wings emerged at the same time, small compared to bigger dick 1 rated male enhancement and with a light flap, there was a swish , and it also turned into a ball reviews on male enhancement supplements Penis Enlargement Foods of crystal light and flew towards the sky he really.

Was still sitting on the main seat, listening to a middle aged man s report the two fellow taoists of six wings have already led the fierce demon to the edge of the land of ming sha as.

True spirits, the two precious alliances of xuantian are really generous this time yin gangzi gasped when he heard this the others also showed surprise on their faces it s nothing this.

Held small compared to bigger dick by a fairy who can find a way to the lower realms are definitely enough to make up for this loss ming zun said lightly I hope so well, how to naturally grow bigger dick they have already set off, and I will take a.

Of lord mingzun, have come here to welcome the two seniors into tianwaitian you recognize me, it seems that fellow daoist ming has told you juniors all about our appearance if that s the.

Turned into a purple gold lightning and shot out towards a beam on the main hall after a roar, the thunder light turned into a purple gold spirit pattern that was embedded several inches.

Towards the location of the alliance, only half a month away from here in the hall of the helian merchant alliance, bi ying, who was sitting on a chair, said to an inconspicuous middle.

Such great efforts if it succeeds in suppressing that immortal, the alliance must first select one third of the treasures on its body, and the rest will be divided equally among all on.

Xuetian is broken and incomplete, and I can only see some blurry images, but the image of the golden deity it transformed into at that time is enough to show that the other party has.

Body exuded a faint fragrance there were four silver armored puppets standing there motionless at the front and .

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Enhanced Male Pills small compared to bigger dick Penis Enlargement Cost, reviews on male enhancement supplements. back of the car han li didn t make any excuses, and with a movement of his.

Formations in the fairy world it is powerless to find out the specific differences daoist xie replied frankly this is a little troublesome although I want to deal with that real immortal.

Faint smiles, obviously they were not strangers no wonder which of these few people is not a well known strong man in the mahayana, plus they have all lived for tens of thousands of.

Brother han is just joking compared with fellow taoists, my improvement is a world small compared to bigger dick of difference I have heard about brother han s reputation from time to time even when I travel abroad.

Guys are worried that mr xuan won t retreat before the battle you can rest assured that even if you all change your mind, male enhancement pills available in india mr xuan will take action alone the chance to kill a real immortal.

Sound the bodies of the two fluctuated together, and a colorful and gorgeous light array emerged out of thin air, and with just a slight turn, they were teleported away small compared to bigger dick Male Enhancement Pills Reviews amidst the buzzing.

Frightened rainbow and hurriedly chased after him at the same time, liuyi and bingfeng were small compared to bigger dick in a stronghold of the helian merchant alliance not far away, listening to mingzun s.

Same time this really surprised me mingzun, who was originally sitting on the main seat, was talking with a few people with extraordinary auras nearby the others didn t get up, but they.

You want to make a bet bingfeng said with a strange look on his face when he heard this what bet liu yi was somewhat surprised it s very simple, just bet on whether brother han can really.

Really a straightforward person, so I ll go on the road now you and I happened to discuss the blood sacrifice fairy on the road the old guy mingzun sent me a very simple message I don t.

Head of a blood dragon in male enhancement pad the blood river, suddenly snorted coldly master, these should probably be some talismans left by those ancient immortals in this world, otherwise how could these.

That he small compared to bigger dick Male Enhancement Pills Reviews can get closer and enter .

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Enhanced Male Pills small compared to bigger dick Penis Enlargement Cost, reviews on male enhancement supplements. liu yi said with a flash of fear in his eyes small compared to bigger dick after turning his head to look behind that s right this time, we not only consumed almost all the pills and.

Four black beasts rushed to the vicinity of the blood river, ma liang just smiled sullenly and made a tactic with one hand in an instant, there was a gloomy wind in the blood river, and.

Eyes the four giant beasts looked at each other, and suddenly opened their mouths wide at the same time, densely packed black wind blades rushed out like a torrential rain, shooting.

S not a problem, jin er from now on, you will follow brother crab s orders and there will be no mistakes han li agreed without hesitation, and immediately gave another order to the gold.

Expressions it was mingzun yingangzi and other mahayana powerhouses, and the six winged ice phoenix that had disappeared suddenly stood up among them with a pale face ma liang s.

Us, how did you do guys have bigger dicks girlsaskguys get this news until now biying stood up from the chair, and asked with a cloudy expression lord bi, this blood sacrifice monster moves very strangely and quickly if the.

Armored soldier who led han li, landed with han li this is natural although I am also very interested in the xuantian thing above, I will not do this in such a disregard of the overall.

The glazed flying boat trembled under the feet of the two of them, and it turned into a blue rainbow and flew through the air in just a few flashes, it disappeared into the land of.

Powerhouses left the hall in succession, and rushed to the ambush location agreed in advance in a blink of reviews on male enhancement supplements Penis Enlargement Foods an eye, only ming zun, han li, and yun danyuesuo were left in the hall after the.

Men to deal with him the man hesitated for a moment before replying with certainty indeed, news of this matter should have been leaked, and most likely the source came from the first.

In charge of the overall situation and did not participate in the attack, saw this situation, his face changed slightly, but after a little thought, he turned to liu yi, who had also not.

Color light mirror suddenly condensed in front of it as soon as the bloody giant palm slapped on the light mirror, it sank into it for a flash without making any sound at the same time.

Daoist mingzun has dangers of male enhancement pills no other instructions, then we are about to set off now at the speed of the other party, we may be able to find this place within a day or two liu yi said with a.

And then suddenly reached the sky above the giant beast with a flash, and raised a giant foot to step down hard there was a bang as soon as the giant yellow beast and the giant silver.

Mana in his body, but .

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reviews on male enhancement supplements Penis Enlargement Medicine Texas Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost In India small compared to bigger dick Conservation. found that more than 30 of the mana suddenly became stagnant and ineffective and yang lu on the side was even more helpless, at the moment when the power of law.

Curtain of light, and there are countless huge boulders of various sizes floating in the air the small ones are no more than the size of houses, while the large ones are like giant.

Strength, and most of them cannot escape your blow the immortal who has broken the body .

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(Sex Enhancement Pills For Men) small compared to bigger dick Conservation reviews on male enhancement supplements Sildenafil. of a true immortal is stronger than ordinary true spirits it is no longer a concern mingzun said.

Light to darkness, I don t believe that the evil spirits can really do anything to this alliance, biying said calmly yes, this is small compared to bigger dick Penis Enlargement Oil small compared to bigger dick indeed a good idea this subordinate will arrange for the.

Distance, the so called formation eyes are actually formed by a tall altar surrounded by eight huge golden pillars the golden pillar was lingering in the sun, and the layers of forbidden.

Are lucky, they might even get a heaven defying opportunity from this immortal ten days later, the sky above the underground world where the headquarters of the helian business alliance.

Crackling sound the giant beast rushed out of the blood river, plunged into a group red male enhancement pill walmart of giant banners in a certain direction, and disappeared without Conservation small compared to bigger dick a trace seeing that yang lu was gone.

Master in any case, I have become an existence of the same level as you, so I am really afraid of your failure as soon as he finished speaking, there was a wave behind him, and three.

Ask, but you are also a fellow daoist who participated in the gathering of tianwaitian I met yingangzi in xiatian ji clan it turned out to be a fellow taoist from the tianji clan the.

When they hit the blood colored giant, they disappear out of thin air with a flash of black light at the same time .

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(Pills For Erection) small compared to bigger dick Male Enhancement Pills At Cvs, reviews on male enhancement supplements. as a large piece of flesh and blood and the four beasts themselves were.

Orders yang lu s heart shuddered, and he replied respectfully I ve already used a secret spell to inspect it just now there should be two holes in the magic circle go and break one of.

And woman suddenly asked in a cold voice when yin gangzi and the others heard this, their expressions changed don t worry, fellow daoist yundan, fellow daoist xuan jiuling came two days.

He saw the four black beasts mrs wu ling and other people also showed overjoyed expressions on their faces the black beast is a high ranking true spirit that .

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(Male Enhancement Pills Increase Size) reviews on male enhancement supplements, small compared to bigger dick Penis Enlargement Before After Rhino Pill. ranks close to the top level.

Following the appearance of the earth dragon this giant has green hair, a lion s mouth and bull eyes, half of his body, a blue leather skirt around his waist, his muscles are bulging and.

Orders from me in the future and for this bet, you and I need to swear a blood eating poison with the heart demon it s okay why can latina and black girls take bigger dicks to swear to my concubine s blood eating poison bingfeng s eyes.

Too far away, it did not pose any threat to the opponent s eye, but the soldiers of nearly a thousand merchants who were in charge of guarding the formation s eye all looked terrified.

After a few hours everyone lived temporarily in some buildings in tianwaitian han li didn t need anyone to accompany him he found .

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small compared to bigger dick Penis Enlargement Before And After, Male Sexual Enhancement Pills reviews on male enhancement supplements Male Enhancement Pills Side Effects. a huge boulder with a size of more than several hundred.

Rumors from the outside world are a bit exaggerated han li replied with a slight smile the bald man in palace attire and the others also showed more or less surprised looks obviously, the.

You going to rescue me the same applies to you if you don t succeed in one blow, it will be very difficult for you to escape mingzun showed a strange look on his face, and muttered a few.

Powerful true small compared to bigger dick small compared to bigger dick spirits that the alliance has always enshrined in addition, I will use two xuantian treasures to set up the two instruments to completely cut off their escape route four.

As 20 to 30 percent in an instant the huge black shadow trapped inside immediately sensed the difference, and struggled even more desperately suddenly, the roar inside was loud and loud.

Growled when bingfeng heard this, she flicked her fragrant sleeve without saying a word, and a silver talisman shot out from the sleeve, and after only a flicker, it disappeared into the.

Seen him for thousands of years, and his expression is as good as before yin gangzi said with a haha without looking sideways han li just greeted with a smile, and looked at the other.

The void at the same time, a blue full moon emerged silently in the sky, on which more than a dozen figures stood vaguely together, looking towards the blood river with different.

Is not something that can come across at any time such a big breath, it really is the voice of fellow daoist xuan since fellow daoist has arrived here, why don t you show up and meet me.

As the sacrificial treasures or creatures in the formation are strong enough, even a high level immortal may be buried in it daoist xie said sacrifice of living beings, self detonation.

Yes, this subordinate is talking too much, I hope the master will not blame me, I will immediately go and break that hole yang lu felt a chill in his heart, and hurriedly bowed his head.

That fellow daoist biying fell into his hands I even heard some rumors about the fact that the three true spirits of the thunder continent joined forces to deal with him but I heard that.

Acted on his body, he felt his body was heavier reviewson supreme boostr male enhancement than mount tai, and most of the magic power in his body could not be mobilized at all, and a trace of panic appeared on his face even I can.

Objection to the previous conditions, as long as there is this additional requirement mrs wuling, the bald man and the others came to their senses after hearing han li s words, and they.

About it yin gangzi also asked with an ugly face it s very simple, yun danyue combs the two, I just promised to do three things for them with the power of the whole alliance it just so.

Was handsome and cold, and the woman was beautiful and charming, but there was a layer of small compared to bigger dick purple red evil spirit coming out from their bodies, and the reviews on male enhancement supplements Penis Enlargement Foods space within a few feet of where.

This time when this true immortal appeared in the fengyuan continent, there was a servant like existence .

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Ed Pills(Sex Enhancement Pills For Men) small compared to bigger dick Conservation reviews on male enhancement supplements Sildenafil.
Sexual Stamina Pillssmall compared to bigger dick Penis Enlargement Near Me, (Ed Best Pills) reviews on male enhancement supplements Male Enhancement Pills At Cvs.
Male Enhancer Pills(Sex Enhancement Pills For Men) small compared to bigger dick Conservation reviews on male enhancement supplements Sildenafil.

reviews on male enhancement supplements Penis Enlargement Surgery Side Effects (Pills For Erection) small compared to bigger dick Conservation. next to him it seems that he is not weak daoist ming has already investigated who.

Long ago, I believe it is impossible for everyone to have heard of his name mingzun replied with a smile after hearing the words han li is the mahayana of the human race who killed the.

Feet in a place a little further away, and directly lived in a fairly complete attic like building above it early the next morning, patriarch huashi appeared in the hall on the first.

Thin air the two big hands of the blood colored giant grabbed it forward without fear, and blood flowed out, and at the same time, the blood colored tentacles on the back also turned into.

Again, and made a corresponding oath after finishing the betting instructions, the six wings of bingfeng looked at each other again, and they both saw a look of confidence in each other s.

Mingzun s actions on the full moon from a distance, but apart from a sneer on his face, he did not cast any spells he just stayed in black plus male enhancement review the blood river and witnessed the fierce battles of.

Deep on the surface of the beam, and the edges were very neat and orderly, as if it had been imprinted on it hai dashao and other disciples naturally had no objection nangong wan and.

You you just need to know that when the time comes, I will do it myself xuan jiuling still said without emotion this time, many mahayana powerhouses present could only look at each other.

See him with me as for the real spirit in front of you, as long as he gets out of trouble, he will take care of it himself bingfeng said with a sigh what does han li mean .

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(Male Enhancement Pills Increase Size) reviews on male enhancement supplements, small compared to bigger dick Penis Enlargement Before After Rhino Pill. by that he s.

Cold the man was dressed in a white robe, with gold and silver tattooed spirit patterns impressively imprinted on both sides of his face hey, she said that, the person next to me is my.

Stayed where they were fellow ice phoenix, long time no see, your cultivation level has increased a lot, the body of the ice phoenix is really not trivial han li said with a slight smile.

Liang said without thinking as ordered, this subordinate will do this right away but I small compared to bigger dick Male Enhancement Pills Reviews don t know how the master of the other formation will respond yang lu bowed and agreed, but asked.

Want now, but we will do our best to help fellow daoist collect them afterwards mingzun said with a smile as long as senior does his best bingfeng replied with a wry smile if fellow.

Monster would directly target our alliance the man was a little small compared to bigger dick panicked why are you panicking since we can t fight against the opponent right now, we can only break up our alliance into.

Strange wind and rushed towards the blood river, they naturally fled together without thinking, either using their supernatural powers, or small compared to bigger dick urging their treasures to greet the eight blood.

Saw that ed pills without nitric oxide the thing in his hand was shining silver, with countless small runes imprinted on the surface, arranged in a mysterious and extremely regular way, which made people feel dizzy.

Eating insect king in the spirit beast ring with his spiritual thoughts for the following time, han li seemed to be sitting still on the spot, fast flow male enhancement pills reviews but oh man male enhancement with a slight flick of a finger tucked.

Surprise and anger, he moved backwards and flew backwards, and at the same time threw his hand in front of him, he was about to cast a secret technique to fight back but at this moment.

Skeptical however, it seems to be to verify mingzun s words the next moment, when the five color light small compared to bigger dick mirrors below were completely wiped out by the black beam of light, white runes the.

Tactic with one hand, and his body shrank rapidly, and he do you wish your so had a bigger dick turned into a silver skinned man about the size of han li in an instant brother yin has won the prize it s just a coincidence.

Getting angry don t worry both of you, walmart over the counter ed pills fellow daoist han is also a person with great supernatural powers I entrust this matter to him, so naturally I am extremely relieved of him ming zun.

Fellow daoist han, that person is not far away from the land of ming sha, and I will start to act soon, so hurry up and come to the hall where we discussed the matter last time after.

The mother of the locust what a coincidence yin has heard the name of fellow taoist before hearing this, the silver giant s face flashed a flash of surprise, but he immediately made a.